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School and Youth Programs

Unforgettable Events for Teachers and Students

School and Youth Programs

Ready to have the Opening Day or Student Assembly that your school can’t stop talking about? Hasan has provided educational programming, professional development and technical assistance to schools in 37 states for the last 25 years.

Who This is For:
  • District Administrators looking for an opening day presenter to inspire their teachers and staff and build community

  • Librarians planning student and family literacy events

  • Principals developing inspiring multicultural presentations

  • Disability Coordinators planning professional development for their staff

  • Family engagement coordinators looking for innovative opportunities to engage families

Services Offered
Virtual Professional Learning Community

Engage, Encourage, and Empower: a book study of Written Off, facilitated by Hasan Davis. Includes:

  • 15 copies of Written Off (shipped to one address)

  • One-hour planning session and one-hour debrief session with coordinating team to determine results and assist in the design of an evaluation tool

  • Four one-hour Zoom calls (frequency determined by host) with staff/educators to discuss the book, and the key elements that can inform their work with youth during this time

Using Story to Engage, Encourage, and Empower: a guided video screening of “The Long Climb to Freedom, from slave to soldier to scholar - the story of A. A. Burleigh.”Includes:

  • One-hour planning session and one-hour debrief session with coordinating team to determine results and assist in the design of an evaluation tool.

  • Two one-hour Zoom calls with staff/educators; call one to meet and prep video, and call two to debrief video and discuss how to use story in their work.

Teacher Professional Development

Bring Hasan in for your Opening Day or Professional Development day to motivate your teachers and staff to continue their good work. Hasan’s story highlights the role models that had a huge impact on his life, and your teachers are doing this work day in and day out. Help them to remember why they joined this profession, and that even though they may feel discouraged, they are having a great impact on this generation.

Living History Performance

Bring students, staff, and teachers together for an engaging and inspiring one-man show that they will be talking about for years to come. Hasan’s performances highlight little-known African American historical figures whose stories need to be told.

Literacy & Family Engagement Activities

Hasan’s new children’s book The Journey of York is the perfect title for your literacy program. Send a copy of the book home with each student, and Hasan will provide a session for teachers on how to use the book in the classroom. He will conclude with a Family Literacy Night performance for students and parents.

Bulk Discount on Books and Book-Signing

Purchase Written Off for each of your teachers and staff and engage Hasan virtually or in-person for a book discussion. Buy The Journey of York for every student and have Hasan talk with the students virtually or in-person. Receive a generous bulk discount when ordering more than 100 books of one title.

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