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Kenynote Speaker

Engage Your Audience With a Story to Remember

Kenynote Speaker

Part stand-up comedian, part storyteller, part statistician; Hasan invites audiences on an emotional experience. Sharing his journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Juris Doctor, Hasan is proof positive that great things can happen when adults champion the lives of children. Few can receive a standing ovation from a room of Wall Street bankers and an auditorium of maximum-security inmates – Hasan has.

Who This is For:
  • Conference planners seeking a dynamic speaker to headline their regional or national conferences

  • Superintendents looking for engaging and impactful presenters for school-wide assemblies and district wide professional development

  • Event planners seeking an engaging presenter for events to raise awareness and funding for youth services and youth programs

  • CEOs of non-profit organizations seeking speakers for organizational or community events

Services Offered
Keynote Presentations

Hasan will work with you to develop a keynote presentation to fit the needs of your conference or event. The following describes a recent presentation:

Away from No Way: A Transformational Journey from J.D. to J.D.

Hasan Davis shares his journey through the education, justice and social service systems. Systems that more often than not failed to provide him the support he needed to be successful. Luckily on his journey, there were within each system outliers and resisters, whom Hasan affectionately calls “hope dealers”, who found a way to engage, encourage and empower him. With their support he was able to transcend his mounting list of “failures” and become a champion for youth. Hasan believes that each person in the community has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to influence and change the way youth encounter the education, justice and social service systems. Hasan will share the simple strategies his personal champions employed to help him make the JD shuffle from Hasan Davis Juvenile Delinquent to Hasan Davis Juris Doctor. See Hasan's full keynote presentation and his workshop titled "Telling Your Story with Hasan Davis" at the Vermont Youth Summit in May 2020.

Living History Performance

Looking for a new type of plenary session for your conference or event? Hasan’s living history performances are an engaging and thought provoking addition to a conference program. Participants experience an inspiring one-man show highlighting a little-known African American historical figure. The presentation is timed to fit a conference plenary session.

Bulk Discount on Books & Book Signing

Supplement Hasan’s keynote presentation by providing participants with a copy of one of Hasan’s books and a book signing. Receive a generous bulk discount when ordering more than 100 books of one title.

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