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Vermont Family Network: Youth Summit

“You have a gift of the ability to share your story and possess the courage to open up about your journey to help others.”

Hasan acted as the keynote speaker as well as a workshop leader for youth at the Vermont Family Network’s youth summit aimed at helping youth with disabilities by advising them on prominent issues with solutions he himself has had to use. As someone who grew up with learning disabilities and having faced large obstacles due to them, Hasan used his own experiences to aid and guide over issues like self advocating and resilience as well as strategies for success. 

During the keynote speech, Hasan shared his experiences with various systems and issues that face youth and addressed how the attendees should navigate helping their students in a way that not only helps them get by but more importantly succeed.

During the workshop Hasan addressed important data unknown to many of the youth that it affected, informing youth of the statistics that they would probably never be shown including elevated reprimand rates, suspension numbers, and drop out rates of students with disabilities as opposed to students without and how they could avoid those pitfalls and tactics to succeed in the face of that adversity. 

A video of his Keynote presentation and workshop can be found below.


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