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EKU Learning Community: Written Off Book Study

by Chris Davis

Hasan’s warmth, humor, and dedication made the group feel included in the war against failure and letting our kids fall through the cracks – he made us feel that we are all part of the solution!”

Over the course of four weeks, Hasan addressed a very important group in the education field which is administrators and educators in schools that actively serve students from group homes, detention centers, and other alternative settings in order to generate positive ideas of how to handle theses students and the best way to provide them the support that they may need differently than the average students.

 In order for the present practitioners to understand the situation in a more first-hand nature, Hasan had the participants read chapters of his book every day as a case study to highlight the issues that have happened to him in his life and how they could correspond to students in similar situations. Attendees’ responses were very positive with one example being. “I loved this PLC. Written Off was an amazing book and I couldn’t put it down. I thought Hasan’s book and PLC were very inspiring. I really needed it.”

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