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I want to do more than spout data and tell stories.  I want to engage, encourage and empower.  I want each person to walk away realizing the power he or she has to either contribute to the success of a child or the power they have to ensure a child’s failure. I truly believe that the only child we cannot reach is the child we refuse to touch.
A. Hasan Davis
Part stand-up comedian, part storyteller, part statistician; Hasan invites audiences on an emotional experience. Sharing his journey from Juvenile Delinquent to Juris Doctor, Hasan is proof positive that great things can happen when adults champion the lives of children.

For more than 20 years, Hasan has been sharing his message of inspiration and responsibility with audiences across the country.  Who better to lift the dreams of youth in search of role models than someone who faced many of the same doubt and challenges? Who better to reinforce the meaningful role of adults in the lives of children, than a professional with a deep understanding of the barriers to reaching and teaching youth in transition?
Courage, persistence and hope – regardless of the audience this is the message Hasan carries.  Few can receive a standing ovation from a room of Wall Street bankers and an auditorium of maximum-security inmates - Hasan has.