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Changing an organization’s mission and culture requires more than personal determination.  In order to realize, create and sustain the kind of change that impacts children and families at a transformative level, one must use data to improve systems.

A. Hasan Davis
Hasan is an advocate and a voice for results based, data driven work. There are few persons who come to this work with Hasan’s lens of personal experience and with his deep understanding of data driven work.

Of all the resources that an organization has, the most important is the people within the organization. All Hasan’s trainings are designed to engage, encourage and empower staff.

Data must become an integral part of work with youth.  Too often organizations rely on gut feelings and experience to tell them what they should be doing to meet the needs of children and families. 
Agencies must establish strong data delivery systems and the staff that understand how to analyze and use data to meet the needs of the youth they serve. 

Hasan emphasizes the importance of coming to your work with both the heart and the head. We no longer have the luxury of assuming that at some unknown future date, our youth will have opportunities to resolve the many personal conflicts and fears which go unspoken every day.  It is time to be deliberate in providing youth safe and positive opportunities.  We must dispel their fears, and at the same time create value in their existence. 

Hasan has provided technical assistance and training to youth serving organizations, governmental agencies and schools across the country.  Trainings have focused on content development – disproportionate minority confinement, valid court orders, engaging families – and on skills development – leadership, communication skills, working with diverse groups.