Hasan Davis
Educator, Youth Advocate and Performer
The only people that we cannot reach are those  we refuse to touch.
     -Hasan Davis-
Finding his Voice
Hasan Davis is a performer, youth advocate and motivator. After an early history of social and academic challenges, including learning disabilities, pre-teen arrest and expulsion from alternative school and college, Hasan found the courage to change. Starting with a change in his attitude and opinions of personal worth, Hasan petitioned for re-admission to the College that expelled him twice. The year Hasan finally graduated from Berea College he was elected president of the student body, voted Homecoming King and received the Navy V-12 award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to campus life and interracial kinship. From Berea, hasan went on to graduate from law school.
Personal Accomplishments and  Honors:
  • G.E.D.  Georgia Department of Education 1985
  • Distinguished Soldier Award, US Army  1987
  • Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC), US Army 1989
  • Student Body President, Berea College, 1991
  • Navy V-12 Award, Berea College 1992
  • B.A. Oral communications Berea College 1992
  • Edith Schwabb Law  Scholarship  1992
  • First year Class President, UK Law School 1992
  • National Student Representitive, Delta Theta Phi International Law Fraternity 1994
  • Civic Entrepreneur Fellow, PEW Charitable Trust  1998
  • Chair, KY Juvenile Justice Advisory Board 1999
  • Juvenile Justice Award, Kentucky Council on Crime and Deliquency. 2000
  • Next Generation Leadership Fellow, Rockefeller foundation  2001
  • Vice-Chair, Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice 2004
  • Outstanding Young Alumni Award, Berea College 2006
Sharing his Vision
Since earning his law degree, Hasan continues to pursue professional and personal milestones well beyond the expectations of the throw-away boy he almost became. Having worked in all areas of youth development from Alternative school educator to Youth Violence Prevention specialist to Vice-chair of the federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice Hasan continues to allow his experience to inform his work.
Today, Hasan applies his intimate knowledge and expertise as an active speaker, trainer and advocate for justice, education, and diversity initiatives on the local, state and national levels where he continues to encourage building living and learning communities where all people have the opportunity to succeed.