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From 2008 to May 2014, Hasan provided executive leadership to the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, serving as Deputy Commissioner for Facilities and Operations and then as Commissioner. As Hasan says, “I entered public service to create systems where youth have the ability to recover from tragic missteps. We must reverse the trend of marginalizing children who have made mistakes.”

Throughout his childhood, from his first arrest at eleven to his expulsion from an alternative high school, Hasan made mistakes. Hasan says, “My blessing was that I was surrounded by family and support systems that provided me with opportunities to get back on the path. Unfortunately, my circumstances are the exception and not the rule.”
Hasan Davis is committed to improving the lives of our nation’s children and youth.  Hasan’s deep beliefs in the impact of committed adults on a child’s success are based on his own early experience as a youth in the system.
Hasan is committed to ensuring systems are in place to ensure all youth are safe, supported and provided a path to success in school, work and life.  He travels the country providing technical assistance to youth serving organizations, motivating youth and those committed to youth and tirelessly serving as a voice for juvenile justice reform.

Hasan provides technical assistance to youth serving organizations, professional development to educators and keynote presentations at state and national gatherings. Through his Chautauqua programs, Hasan brings history alive, a reminder to audiences that a diverse academy of heroes has been instrumental throughout this nation’s great history.